The cost-effective off-grid cell mast solution

The cost-effective off-grid cell mast solution



Tower Power was established to bring to market high quality alternative electricity generation techniques and to develop fuel cell generators to meet demands for reliable off-grid electricity in developing countries.


We developed a technology that is efficient, economical and environmentally sound; solved the sourcing of H2 with its own invention of the Cracker that will produce the H2 gas required to operate the fuel cell generators at site.


Offer one stop all in package deal to MNOs and TELCOs to include product, service and support, covering operation and maintenance; low risk to user.

The Product


Our flagship product, ToWER/CuBE™, is a fully integrated turn-key, self-contained 24/7 base-load fuel cell power generating system Integrating: Power Controls, Fuel Cell Module, Ammonia Cracker and Gas Separator placed inside a single cabinet- cube, occupying a 10’x10’ footprint with a 12mtr overhead antenna fuel tank.

The TowerCube™ is currently being developed with 8 different load profiles.
The 8 different models will range from 1.3kW to 10kW capacity.

Fully installed with its 12 meter fuel tank antenna the TowerCube™ only occupies a 3m3 footprint and is designed for shared tower environments.

The Technology

Hydrogen Production

TowerCube™'s Cracker produces Hydrogen from Ammonia on demand through induction heating. Core warm-up time is only 5-10mins, no Diesel Generator needed for Start-Up. The next generation Flash Cracker is already on the drawing board and that will make H2 on demand.


First Element Energy is a leader in developing backup and prime power solutions for a variety of applications based on fuel cell technology. Their vision includes diverse markets such as: telecommunications, agriculture, defence, domestic security, governmental and industrial applications.

Mark Bowden, First Element's CEO is also a Non-Executive Director of Tower Power Ltd.

Partnership Opportunities

Tower Power Ltd is currently seeking Partners in the following sectors who operate in the African and Indian markets:

Regional Infrastrucure