About Us

Tower Power Ltd

Tower Power Ltd is an alternative energy company based in the UK, established in 2011. Our core technological propositions have been in development for over twenty years under the stewardship of our Co-founders. Tower Power is set up to manufacture and supply innovative fuel cell based power generation units for locations which require an off-grid solution. In fact the product is a power generator for base load (prime) power applications which replace traditional diesel generators. The product is supported by a third party fuel cell under special arrangement with the manufacturer. The unit is integrated into the total system- ToWER/CuBE™. Development of the product from concept, design, prototypes and models for commercial operation is proprietary to Tower Power as well as parts of software and hardware that is privy, is also proprietary. Our fuel processor produces Hydrogen from liquid ammonia that serves as fuel to operate the generator

The ToWER/CuBE™ has been specifically developed for the telecoms market and directly addresses that industry's pressing concerns. The ToWER/CuBE™ - in its different configurations - can serve all sectors- stand-alone power generation, back-up / uninterruptible power supplies, remote power generation and telecom towers. It has the potential to replace existing diesel generator sets responsible for large amounts of pollution. Successful prototypes of the ToWER/CuBE™ have been built and tested in the field and we can already achieve a 37.5% lower cost of ownership and 60% lower operational cost (based on 2.5kW Customer Output Power over a 5yr period) than currently deployed Diesel equivalent. Costs are set to fall as greater sales volume is achieved.

Founding Directors

Ron Hodkinson

Ron Hodkinson

Chief Scientist & Chairman

Che Jeffrey

Che Jeffrey

Director of Marketing & Sales

Masood Ariff

Masood Ariff

Director of Planning &
Financial Controller

Developmental Milestones


New upgraded models of ToWER/CuBE™ & Ammonia Cracker ready for commercial production- 8 different models of ToWER/CuBE™ with customer power output ranging from 1.3kW to 10kW and 2 models of Ammonia Cracker- 120 litres/min & 240 litres/min


New upgraded models of TowerCube™ & Ammonia Cracker ready for commercially production
8 different models of TowerCube™ with customer power output range from 1.3kW to 10kW
2 models of Ammonia Cracker- 120 litres/min & 240 litres/min


Successful 6 month field trial in Namibia - 4 PowerCubes operating; fuel supplied by new Ammonia Power Generator- system (1200W)


Africa 2 (1200W) Design PowerCubes built and exported to Africa


Africa 1 Prototype (800W) demonstrated in Johannesburg, (2 x Africa 1 cubes built)


Successful demonstration of prototype PowerCube (600W) at Motorola, Swindon


FC System demonstrated in Mumbai, India attended by CM Maharashtra, Energy Ministers, Principal Secretaries and CIPs
FC System demonstrated at Hannover Fair, Germany
Completed testing of FC system & NH3 cracker-- E4TECH assessed technology development; concluded product's sound mechanical, chemical and systems engineering aspects


First demonstration of Ammonia Cracker producing Hydrogen to operate PEM FC to generate electricity


New PEM Fuel Cell built


Designed new PEM fuel cell system based on Nedstack


Built power unit for first FC powered house in UK. Government funded project- 5kW system built capable of running all appliances within a power saving concept house


Smaller FC built with fully automatic digital control. System exhibited at Hanover Fair
Achieved ISO 9002 and ISO 14001
Awarded US$ 208k (£130k) DTI
‘Smart’ Award for developing FC


Designed & built 5 prototype AFC (fuel cell) using Zetek Mark II stack