Masood Ariff - Director of Planning & Financial Controller

A senior international banking executive with over 39 years professional background covering marketing, credit and risk management, trade finance, project finance which encompassed feasibility and value engineering studies; managing human resources. Was Adviser to Commerce Bank, Zambia, based in London; involved since 1998 in the development of innovative recycling processes and technology related to composite solid waste materials with little or no value and conversion of these materials into highly valuable fractions. Associated with Ron Hodkinson for over 14 years; followed the systems integration materials technology development of both Alkaline and PEM Fuel Cells and eventually the assembly and production of various models of the ToWER/CuBE™. During the year 2007, instrumental in organising the first public demonstration of a PEM Fuel Cell at Mumbai where the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Energy Ministers, Industry, Energy and Principal Secretaries, CIPs and industry representatives from the power sector were among the guests invited to attend.